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Editing that works:
principles and resources for editing for the web

You've got your content, you've got your graphic design. Something still isn't quite right. The content isn't really working for your users. Sounds familar?

If so, this collection of principles and resources is for you. It's all about editing content for the web.


If you have an editing project to tackle, then start with the principles section. It contains principles and tips organised into a nine-step process for editing for the web.


If you want to read more about the subject of editing, then start with the resources section. It lists books and links to articles and other resources for editing for the web.





This website has been inspired by the work of Ginny Redish.

The second edition of her book on writing for the web came out in 2012.


Why "Editing that works"? Because everything here has proven practical value. And if it doesn't work for you, then please contact me.

Caroline Jarrett, author of Editing That Works